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12:10 Creations is a graphic design company created because it wanted to exist. Because of our love for art and design.

12:10 Creations believes that the main goal of each of our projects should be to create great eyecandy. It's a simple concept but if you think about it that is what any good design comes down to. And that's what will grab attention and promote you and your brand.

We have been designing for over a decade and have worked with hundreds of clients, so when you contact us for a project rest assured that we have a

professional approach and great knowledge of what works and what sells in the marketplace today. And since the market is always evolving and changing so does 12:10 Creations - our designs strive to be cutting edge and modern, even when doing something with a classic feel.

We are an online design company so communicating with you wherever you are is as easy as dropping us an e-mail. We have many clients that have been making use of our services for years which we have never met face to face. But because we understand the design process you can leave the finer details up to us. Your brand is in great hands...


Logos consist of simple concepts that are striking. Whenever thinking of colours remember when people look at logos we take the most basic information from what we see at a glance. Remember those times you asked someone what new chips he was eating and he couldn't remember the name? He would remember that it was the red and blue packet. "Oh and it had a picture of a chilly on it." Most people know that a name has to be catchy, but the colours, logo/brand image and font type used plays an even more important sensory role.

12:10 Creations believes logos are THE most important part of a company's branding and when creating a new logo keeps all aspects mentioned in mind.


You have just had a meeting and your potential client is very happy with what you have on offer but is in a hurry and asks for your card. Being very impressed with you they would most certainly say something positive on even a half decent looking business card design.

If you had a great design that backs up the great pitch you just had, wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake?

Let 12:10 Creations design a card that creates that instant link to your brand. Business cards are still the best little ads found in the modern market since sometimes all a new client needs to know is where to call.


Websites are resumes, online shops and advertising tools. And that's just naming a few ways you can use websites to give you an online presence. The world wide web is getting increasingly popular and is already a neccesity to most. Having a great website means that people can visit and read up on your service which in return means you may be getting a phone call, e-mail or some form of enquiry soon.

Websites are cheap considering that they are always available to your clients and basically permanent advertisements. Even if you have run out of business cards but want to give your new client some form of reference, your website will be ready with your contact details.We love designing these and second to logos this is our forte.


While there are many different ways to go about marketing yourself, a great ad in a magazine, newspaper or online really entices most of us to be interested in a new brand in the first place. Ad designs with visual impact speak volumes. Even sub par products have sold by the bucket load because of an ad that looked so amazing that John Doe told his neighbour about it and both bought said product the next day. Well, while some ads are sly cons in themselves this just goes to show the power advertising can have.

Ads have the most potential in making you millions. And we can design them for you.


The marketplace is vast and perhaps you are not even looking to sell cookies the way others are selling them. But since we have been designing for as long as we have we have done more than just ad designs, business cards or websites. Have a look at our House Guides designed for Growthpoint Properties. These are Flash based programs that 12:10 Creations designed for our client. The aim here wasn't to sell cookies and it wasn't done using a well known format. The point is, perhaps you don't see something on this website but are interested in giving us a try. Please do, we are creative and have a positive attitude when facing new endeavours - if we really cannot be of service we will give you advice on your next best bet.



Template design
Web development
Flash animation
Web hosting
Banners /Web ads


Logo design
Business cards
Email templates


Magazine layouts
Cover design
Banner Design
Advert design


Photo editing
The list goes on